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Prison Revamp and Reset

By Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG - Posted Sep 2, 16

Hello Everyone!

Today we released a revamp of the prison server. The feedback has been incredible so far - our traffic practically doubled in one day! Here is a full list of new or changed features:

  • New vault system added! This system is 100% safe from looters - just do /is and make your vault! 
  • Economy and ranks reset
  • The spawn and districts were updated and rolled back to the original version before HCP
  • /baltop was added
  • Economy was changed, rankup progression is now better
  • Gold apples are now allowed, enchant limits removed
  • New players spawn in with an iron pick
  • Donator cooldowns removed

If you find any bugs/glitches in any of the changes please let us know! HUGE thanks to Imagine and the staff team for making this update possible :) We are now working on releasing Kingdom and revamping Gun.

Have fun!

Yo happy birthday, AwesomePlayer!
Tomorrow is my birthday! I have a stupid biology test tomorrow:/
Add me on discord if anyone ever wants to chill Kbt19 #0019
I miss this MC :( I had so many amazing memories on CSG. Thank you all for memories that I'll probably remember for the rest of my life
If any old friends wanna talk add me on discord @mint#0066
Miss these days, making traps in the wood mines in prison every time it reset
Hello everyone - it’s TigerMiner27 if anyone remembers me from back in ~2013/2014
guys im gonna turn my old prac team discord into a discord for old psg players join if you wanna talk to some old friends or whatever [link]
I remember you too dont think we ever talked much though but yeah its nice seeing you
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