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Prison Revamp and Reset

By Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG - Posted Sep 2, 16

Hello Everyone!

Today we released a revamp of the prison server. The feedback has been incredible so far - our traffic practically doubled in one day! Here is a full list of new or changed features:

  • New vault system added! This system is 100% safe from looters - just do /is and make your vault! 
  • Economy and ranks reset
  • The spawn and districts were updated and rolled back to the original version before HCP
  • /baltop was added
  • Economy was changed, rankup progression is now better
  • Gold apples are now allowed, enchant limits removed
  • New players spawn in with an iron pick
  • Donator cooldowns removed

If you find any bugs/glitches in any of the changes please let us know! HUGE thanks to Imagine and the staff team for making this update possible :) We are now working on releasing Kingdom and revamping Gun.

Have fun!

Oh man, Nova you're right! Happy birthday PV!!
Happy Birthday PV! We miss you!
It's already been over a year since the server closed.
$80 CAD == $60 USD. Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny, Canada.
Indeed. The April Fool's joke the Canadian government is doing is also taking way too long.
yeah its lasted slightly longer than I expected
Man this April Fool's prank Shicking is doing is scaring me ;(
xbox 4 lyfe
Damnit pappi you're supposed to play on PS4 not Xbox bro come on now
anyone wanna play some fortnite together? I play on xbox add me username is Pappu1000 and ya im a tier 100 and I am pretty good :d
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