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Thank You CSG

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Jun 2, 17

Hello CSG Community,

This is an incredibly important announcement that will emit a strong emotional response from the community so please take the time to read through the entire thing before posting.

I notified my server hosting provider to not renew the machine that runs the server. This means that the server will go permanently offline at the end of the current billing cycle. I know this might be shocking, but it was inevitable especially with the threat of EULA enforcement hanging over every decision and the declining player base. 

A lot of you were probably hoping that I would transfer the network to someone else. Unfortunately, this did not happen. At the end of the day, it did not feel right selling the entire community and the assets to somebody who was inexperienced and/or didn't have the server's original vision in mind. The server would have ended up completely different and just die.

I do have offsite backups of the network in its current state, so I will be uploading the important worlds (skyblock and creative) so that the dedicated players will able to download and keep their creations.

The website will stay online to allow the community to have a platform to communicate on. If everyone leaves the forums, then I'll probably shut them down.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate all of you. Thank you for playing on CSG and making this community what it is. The server wouldn't have survived without people like you. 

I also wanted to give a special thanks to the entire staff team, both past and present. I appreciate all your help so much. The server wouldn't have survived without you! And, finally, a massive thanks to Detah for staying with the server until the very end - you poured so much of your time into making the network what it is. I can't thank you guys enough.

I'm still going to be active on the forums over the next few days. If you want to stay in touch, send me an email (shicking1@gmail.com). Thank you all.

- Shicking

Looking for a New Owner

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Apr 29, 17

Hello PlaySG Community, 

It is no secret that I haven't had as much time to work on the server as the past, and due to recent work, it doesn't look like it will improve in the future. Perhaps it is time to examine whether selling PlaySG to someone young and ambitious would be for the best of the server.
If you are interested in becoming the server owner, or know anybody who may be interested, as a quick overview, this is what we will transfer:
  • Machines and an explanation of our custom linux setup (scripts, backups, monitoring)
  • Domain Names
  • Transfer of website
  • Artwork (banner, server icon, logo)
  • Source code for custom plugins and explanation of custom plugins
  • Online leaderboards
  • Databases

I really want to emphasize that the new owner must have technical expertise in order to be able to run the server effectively. Consequently, they will need expertise in the following:
  • Community Management
  • Dedicated server management (debian OS, shell scripts, cron jobs, MySQL)
  • Java Programming (many of our gamemodes and plugins are custom made, and we own the source code)
  • Marketing
  • Ability to pay hosting expenses (Currently around $350 a month)

If you are interested in becoming the new server owner, please send your qualifications and your bid to: shicking1@gmail.com. Who wins will depend on the amount of money proposed and the expertise of the new owner. If no adequate candidates are found by the end of May, the server will close. 
Pappu1000 Shicking you were a great owner when u were active. :,c
steeler7fan x I think we all know who should become the new owner
YoutubeBlaze x shicking the type of nigga that will wait until 12am on the last day of the month to say anything

Kingdom now released!

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 27, 16

Hello Everyone!

We recently released the Kingdom server. The point of the server is to give power to the people to decide how the kingdom will be run; a roleplaying server. 

The default rank is the peasant. The peasant has to toil and gain money in the dangerous world. PVP is enabled everywhere so without order all peasants would kill each other. To gain more power and to lower the tax rate (taxable blocks disappear and get converted into money for the king, for peasants the max tax rate is 50%) the peasant can rankup to resident for $10,000 at spawn. The area outside of spawn and away from the roads has building enabled.

The resident can be upgraded to a higher rank by the king and has a lower tax rate (a max of 25%). They can also rent protected land in the castle. 

There is one player who is a king. The king has a lot of power over the other players of the server. In particular the king can set the taxrate for peasants and residents. He can also activate server wide bonuses, set builders (to improve the area around spawn) and set knights to enforce the rules and to maintain his own power. Both the king and the knights have more health. The king and the knights can also make normal players wanted - on death a wanted player will be sent to prison, where they have to mine a certain amount of diamonds to get out.

If a player is against the king or doesn't want to pay the tax rate they can desert the kingdom via /desert. By doing so the player gets a red name and on death will be sent to the prison with the maximum reward. The current standing king can pardon anyone in the prison (/unwant).

 The Church is the only area in the entire map with no pvp (/coords). The Town (/coords) has goods that you can buy low and sell high at the spawn castle. The town is near the rebel base so it is fairly dangerous to go there (rebels are usually not nice). However a good trek and up front investment can lead to $15,000 in profit per trip. 

There are no rules on Kingdom; only the rules set by the king. If the king wants to enforce them he has to send the knights to do his bidding. However, if players dislike the reign of the king, they can take matters into their own hands and fight for the throne. There is a KOTH at the coordinates 0,0, in the center of the castle, that lasts for 15 minutes. If a player manages to stay on the throne for that long they will become the new king and all previous knights, builders and bonuses will be reset. In this way there is a balance of power.

Have fun! We don't know what the server will lead to yet but it will be interesting to watch. If you have any suggestions / bugs, please let us know!

Fireball71101 If you could fix the throne that'd be great :(
ScarTheScarab The thing about kingdom and its tax system, is that its practically reflecting on the cruel system of taxes. The poor pa...
GBXHuang Please finish the builder rank.

H And G District Release

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Oct 19, 16

Hello Everyone!

Today we released two new districts on the prison server. The H District costs $65,000,000 and provides an exciting improved mine as well as a massive parkour with a special prize at the end! The G District is the best mine yet and features an expansive custom map. In both districts we decided to do something new - pvp is enabled everywhere except the actual mine. This means that pvp is even enabled in the shop. While the mines are the most profitable ones yet, getting there and selling your goods is very dangerous.

Both districts were made possible through the work done by ImagineFox, Riddeh, and the staff team. If you haven't had the chance yet, please do thank them. If you found any bugs/glitches in the new districts, please let us know!

We have something exciting coming in the next week or two wink Have fun!

zZKingShadowZz x New staff????? hopefully i get it Lol #Shadow4Helper
bruiser7297 Thanks for doing everything you do Shicking/Staff.

Prison Revamp and Reset

Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG posted Sep 2, 16

Hello Everyone!

Today we released a revamp of the prison server. The feedback has been incredible so far - our traffic practically doubled in one day! Here is a full list of new or changed features:

  • New vault system added! This system is 100% safe from looters - just do /is and make your vault! 
  • Economy and ranks reset
  • The spawn and districts were updated and rolled back to the original version before HCP
  • /baltop was added
  • Economy was changed, rankup progression is now better
  • Gold apples are now allowed, enchant limits removed
  • New players spawn in with an iron pick
  • Donator cooldowns removed

If you find any bugs/glitches in any of the changes please let us know! HUGE thanks to Imagine and the staff team for making this update possible :) We are now working on releasing Kingdom and revamping Gun.

Have fun!

Muto3 Woah, until now, I've never been a big fan of prison servers, but I'm actually enjoying this!
TexSupport oh trust me Shicking, this prison is by far the best yet. The new economy basically removes any inflation that was once ...
Wreckaqe You work wonders Shicking, I'm actually coming on to check this revamp out, love you
Wow, *everyone's* online today
nah fam
Anyone still play?
Tiger bro its me!
life is hard at times :(
Yo happy birthday, AwesomePlayer!
Tomorrow is my birthday! I have a stupid biology test tomorrow:/
Add me on discord if anyone ever wants to chill Kbt19 #0019
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