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Looking for a New Owner

By Shicking Forums-AdminOwnerCSG - Posted Apr 29, 17

Hello PlaySG Community, 

It is no secret that I haven't had as much time to work on the server as the past, and due to recent work, it doesn't look like it will improve in the future. Perhaps it is time to examine whether selling PlaySG to someone young and ambitious would be for the best of the server.
If you are interested in becoming the server owner, or know anybody who may be interested, as a quick overview, this is what we will transfer:
  • Machines and an explanation of our custom linux setup (scripts, backups, monitoring)
  • Domain Names
  • Transfer of website
  • Artwork (banner, server icon, logo)
  • Source code for custom plugins and explanation of custom plugins
  • Online leaderboards
  • Databases

I really want to emphasize that the new owner must have technical expertise in order to be able to run the server effectively. Consequently, they will need expertise in the following:
  • Community Management
  • Dedicated server management (debian OS, shell scripts, cron jobs, MySQL)
  • Java Programming (many of our gamemodes and plugins are custom made, and we own the source code)
  • Marketing
  • Ability to pay hosting expenses (Currently around $350 a month)

If you are interested in becoming the new server owner, please send your qualifications and your bid to: shicking1@gmail.com. Who wins will depend on the amount of money proposed and the expertise of the new owner. If no adequate candidates are found by the end of May, the server will close. 
I do I play hypixel and mcc and my own building server
Who still plays mc? we should all hop on another server tbh
Damn Chewy I haven't seen you in 2 years brings back memories
wow is that hampus the pvp god
Im not dead
Death that was funny about locking the thread lol
hello People. Wow! I have thought this community would have been gone by now. Nice to see so many old people still here. For those who are new here my name is hampus, also knows as Bampe, TheUltimateHomie and Hampus712. Nice to see you guus
:') much love hows everything been with u guys <3 if anyone still plays, feel free to add up on snap "jaskarannnsing h"
give the server to someone else and start this shiz back up my nibbas
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